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The Story of the Hammered Cuff



I recently went back to Bali and I am always amazed at the work that our silversmiths do. Spending time with them at the workshop, I was able to see the heart and joy that they put into each handmade piece. What makes Anna Beck jewelry so special is the handmade aspect, as each technique is performed by a different smith who is an expert in that chosen technique. 

For example, we have we have almost 100 silversmiths working with us, but only one who does this hammering. The hammering is extremely specialized. A plate of silver is shaped and then the smith must hit it with the perfect pressure to achieve the correct shape and indentation. Once hammered, the plate is bent into its final shape, and ready to be transformed into a finished piece.

Our new Pacifica and Stacks collections feature this new metal technique, never before done by Anna Beck.  I think you’re going to love it just as much as I do.

xo, Becky