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Anna Beck Supplier Code of Conduct

This Anna Beck Code of Conduct (Code) outlines the social, safety and environmental principles (Principles) that Anna Beck requires each supplier to meet. Producing products with respect for people and planet is an important part of Anna Beck’s corporate values. Anna Beck is committed to establish a culture of respect for internationally recognized principles and guidelines which include the International Bill of Human Rights (i.e. the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Anna Beck requires suppliers to share this commitment.

This Code applies to all suppliers and all subcontractors providing products to Anna Beck.

The Principles are an integral component to our sourcing strategies, and are used to evaluate factory performance. Anna Beck will take appropriate action upon notification when these Principles are violated in any way by any suppliers and/or subcontractors. In case of violation, suppliers and subcontractors shall be willing to be supported in the integration of the Principles. This includes training provided by Nest Artisan Guild and the Anna Beck team. The Anna Beck Code of Conduct binds our contract factories to the below stated minimum principles which are key in meeting our goals.


(A) General Legal Requirements

Suppliers and factories shall obey with all applicable national laws and regulations including 

(a) laws relating to employment, discrimination, the environment, safety and health, and (b) laws relating to the import of products, including country of origin labeling, product labeling, and product testing, in addition to all contractual requirements and (c) any other laws. If a supplier/factory is of the opinion that national laws and regulations set a different standard of protection or are in conflict with one or more Principles as set out in this Code such supplier and/or factory shall discuss this with Anna Beck prior to deviating from this Code.


(B) Transparency

Supplier and factories shall inform Anna Beck of the location of all business premises used for the production of goods for Anna Beck. This includes own

production locations, but also the production location of their supplier upstream, sub-contractors and sub-suppliers that are used for Anna Beck production. From sub-suppliers of materials also the sourcing country and region of the raw material shall be indicated. Suppliers shall update Anna Beck on any changes in their factory base and update the Anna Beck production department accordingly prior to making such changes. 

(C) Internal Management Systems 

Supplier shall implement the necessary internal management systems to ensure compliance to this Code. Supplier shall extend the Principles through its own supply chain. The internal management system at suppliers and sub-contractors includes: 

  • commitment to this Code, 
  • an internal monitoring system, 
  • continuous worker training and education, 
  • a worker-complaints mechanism, 
  • involvement of workers and their representatives in information exchange on workplace issues, 
  • specific steps to make workers aware of their rights and responsibilities, 
  • ensuring compliance with this Code of every factory involved in the manufacturing of our products. 

Suppliers ensure that all factories involved in production for Anna Beck, including sub-contractors, are enrolled in a valid and accepted auditing cycle. In case a supplier or factory does not comply with this Code of Conduct, we will request corrective actions within a time frame decided by Anna Beck. Suppliers need to achieve improvements and implement corrective actions within the required timelines. If this is not to the satisfaction of Anna Beck, Anna Beck shall take appropriate action. 


Protection of whistleblowers 

Suppliers and factories shall provide an anonymous method for workers and the community to report (workplace) grievances related to the activities of a supplier or factory, and ensure that policies are in place to protect workers or others when complaints and grievances are reported in good faith. 

Animal welfare 

Anna Beck does not accept any form of harsh or cruel animal treatment, and we only purchase animal materials that are a by-product of slaughter, not the main product. Suppliers and factories should only source animal materials from farms with good animal practices. The welfare of animals kept by humans for the purpose of supplying raw animal material should at least have suitable and sufficient food and water, adequate shelter and a comfortable resting area, freedom of pain, injury and disease, be allowed the development of normal behavior by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of the animal’s own kind, and live in freedom from fear and stress. 

Responsible sourcing of materials 

Anna Beck aims to ensure raw materials in its products are not derived from practices or origins which violate our principles as defined under the animal welfare principles of this Code, from regions with serious human right violations or have highly negative impacts on the environment or the health of workers. We expect our suppliers and factories to respect these sourcing decisions and implement them throughout their supply chains. 

Suppliers and factories will adhere to the following material restrictions for use in Anna Beck products: 

  • No use of cotton grown in Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan 
  • No use of sandblasting techniques 
  • No use of PVC 
  • No use of fur, angora wool, Astrakhan, Karakul, or exotic animal skin 
  • No use of down or feathers from live plucked animals 
  • No use of merino from mulesed sheep 


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