How to Clean Your Jewelry

Due to nature’s elements, 18k gold plated and sterling silver jewelry can fade or tarnish over time. We sell an affordable, convenient two-piece jewelry cleaning cloth to keep your jewelry looking new. 

Here's a quick way to clean your jewelry, remove tarnish and restore shine easily with these steps:

Step 1:

Use the interior cloth to remove tarnish without scratching, gently rubbing the cloth on the tarnished areas, try to avoid any stones as they could be scratched.

Step 2: 

Once the tarnish is removed, use the softer exterior cloth to polish the metal in circular motions to restore shine!

Keeping your jewelry nicer for longer:

Does it feel like your pieces tarnish fast? Avoid contact with water, harsh chemicals, perfume & lotion. That means take your jewelry off to wash your hands, avoid wearing it while working out, and wait to put it on after applying lotion and perfume. To ensure longevity, safely store your pieces in a jewelry box or bag out of sunlight.

Our one year warranty & repair policy:

Pieces purchased on come with a free one year repair and restoration warranty. This includes but is not limited to broken chains, stone and design defects. Additionally, if your items fall under the 1-year warranty and stock allows, we will replace your item to expedite the 10-12 week repair window.

If your purchase is beyond one year but within two years of your purchase date, we will process your repair for a fee. All repairs must be linked to the original order number located in our system. The Anna Beck 2- year warranty does not cover accidental damage, negligence, or natural tarnishing that may occur overtime.

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