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The Story of the Saddle Ring


Anna Beck began out of love for Bali, a country that is rooted in tradition and gratitude, and our pieces will always reflect the spirit of Indonesia. We often touch on how our jewelry is made by hand, so today we want to transport you to our workshop in Bali to take a peek behind the scenes. We are going to look at how the saddle ring, one of Anna Beck’s most classic, favored, and long standing pieces in the collection, is hand crafted by our extremely talented smiths.

While we introduce different variations of the saddle ring every few seasons, the original design remains the same: timeless and true. The saddle ring is as old as Anna Beck — going on 15 years! It started from a very basic dotted ring with the saddle shape and over time it evolved with different details and finishes. To me, it’s become what we are known for and it has evolved with who we are. It represents Anna Beck: classic, timeless, unique, and inspired by Indonesian culture. Every saddle ring has a story and I like to hear how the person received it and how it came to them.

The ring takes three full days to make from start to finish and consists of over 10 different steps.  Have a look below!

xo, Becky


Step 1, 2, 3 

After first making the wax mold, our smiths hand-cast each piece of silver into the saddle shape. Then they hand punch the handcut dots and granulation discs and balls. (These are the small dots found on nearly all of our jewelry.)


Step 4, 5, 6

After hand punching the dots, the smiths hand place the wire border around the ring. Then they individually place each dot on the ring. We use 97 individual dots per ring!




Steps 7, 8

Once the dots are on the ring, they solder (or fire up) the handcut dots and granulation dots. This allows the dots to stay in place. The rim and the wire border are soldered next.



Steps 9, 10, 11

Once every dot and wire is in place, the ring is ready for the finishing process for cleaning, shining, and gold plating.




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