Celebrating 20 Years

In the Fall of 2003, our founder Becky Hosmer visited Bali and met a man named Gede, who had a small jewelry workshop out of the back of his home. She was enchanted by the traditional Balinese silversmithing techniques utilized, and despite never before considering herself creative, she felt moved to collaborate with him to design jewelry pieces of her own. Twenty years later, we’re still in awe of the artisanship our pieces were founded on, and we celebrate the connection they bring every day.

As we approach a new season, we continue our mission to help keep an ancient skill alive within the Balinese culture by creating beautiful pieces that bring deeper meaning to their wearer than just what meets the eye.

Timeline showing the past 20 years of Anna Beck Timeline showing the past 20 years of Anna Beck

Meet Our Artisans

A few of the talented people that make our jewelry in Bali. Learn more about our ethical transparency here, too.

Hi, my name is Gusti and I’m from Karangasem, Bali. I have two children and I like to play soccer and attend Balinese ceremonies in my spare time. I started making jewelry 20 years ago, a skill I learned from my friend, and have been working in the studio for the past 14 years. A big dream of mine is to prosper fellow silversmith, both within our workshop and other vendors.

My name is Putu, I am from Mengwi, the same village this workshop is in. I learned this trade in the workshop and have been here for 8 years now, I create many of Anna Beck’s beaded pieces. I love my village and the ability to learn a skill and support my family here.

Hi, my name is Wayan and I’m from Gianyar, Bali. I love Bali’s culture and am thankful it’s a safe, peaceful place to live with my family. I have two children and I enjoy playing table tennis in my free time. I’ve been working in the workshop for about 16 years and have been making jewelry since 1987, a craft I learned from a friend.




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