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A Letter from Becky

The first time I visited Bali, I fell in love with the Balinese culture and its overwhelming generosity of spirit. Offerings - gifts of blessings and gratitude - are part of the daily spiritual tradition, and, like jewelry, can give a physical connection to something deeper.

I was so inspired, I began to work with local artisans to design for my friends & family - little did I dream that it would become something much bigger. Anna Beck - from my given name Becky Anne - was born.

I’m a traveler, so everywhere I go I find inspiration. Each piece I design is a labor of love, starting with an experience or a feeling, and coming to life in Bali, where the jewelry is handmade in a centuries-old Balinese technique. Anna Beck’s local workshop weaves traditional Balinese offerings into every step of the process, and each finished piece is a testament to the thoughtful, intentional human touch that created it.

Like memories over the course of a lifetime, a woman collects jewelry - it becomes a part of her story. It starts with a singular piece of self expression that turns into a narrative of self, and in turn connects her to the stories around her.

When I first lived in Bali, it became a part of my story, and I became a part of it; now based in Los Angeles, I still call Bali my second home. It’s important to me that Anna Beck’s practices match its philosophy of service and gratitude. That’s why I partnered with my friend, midwife Robin Lim. I created the Circle of Life charity necklace collection to support Bumi Sehat, her non-profit organization, which provides healthcare to children and expectant mothers in Bali. I’m proud to give back to the community that inspires Anna Beck.

Bali became a part of my story, and I am grateful to connect you to the culture that has opened my heart & continues to inspire my designs. Thank you for letting Anna Beck be a part of your story.

With gratitude,


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