Holiday 2018: The Anna Beck Jewelry Gift Guides

Gifting jewelry for the holidays is a special and personal thing for me. Each new season brings new collections and I love being able to share my creations with friends and family. I think a lot about the person before picking something out because the gift should be a reflection of them and their story. I feel it’s important for there to be thoughtful intention behind the gift that you are giving. It’s like offering a piece of yourself to your loved ones through the act of giving.

Please enjoy my curated holiday gift guide. I hope you are able to find something for the special people in your life as well.

xo, Becky


1. Large Hoop Post Earring - Gold "Hoops are a staple in any jewelry wardrobe, but I especially love these Large Hoop Post earrings because of our intricate handmade design. Almost everyone I know loves a hoop earring, and these stand out in a subtle, classic way. These hoops are another office fave."

2. Band Ring - Gold "This handmade Band Ring is incredibly versatile. You can easily dress it down with jeans and a tee, or pair it with a holiday party dress."

3. Petite Charm Collar Necklace - Gold (stacked together with the medallion necklace) "I included the Petite Charm Collar Necklace because it is the perfect layering piece to any necklace, especially the Medallion Necklace. Every girl in the office owns this necklace."

4. Medallion Necklace - Gold "I am not exaggerating when I say I wear this necklace almost every day. I absolutely love it and it goes with everything! This necklace is perfect for someone who is looking for a subtle statement piece that they can style with anything. Plus it double wraps."

5. Oval Chain Long Necklace - Gold - Limited Edition "I love this limited edition Oval Chain Long Necklace because it elevates anyone's wardrobe. It's simple, yet modern and is the perfect piece to wear with higher necklines."

6. Hematite & Blue Sapphire Double Drop Earrings - Gold "For the artist in your life, these earrings from our Sama Collection were inspired by beautiful Moroccan tile-work. I love the shapes and pairing blue with black is especially unique."

7. Smoky Pyrite Pendant Necklace, Long - Gold "The Smoky Pyrite Pendant Necklace is for the woman who appreciates vintage pieces, but with a modern update. The pyrite stone is unique and actually changes color with the light."

8. Bar Leather Bracelet - Gold "I love this bracelet for the world traveler in your life. It's rugged yet feminine, and anything but basic. My Bar Leather Bracelet has traveled the globe with me and I love wearing it alone or stacked with cuffs."

9. Elephant Charm Necklace - Gold "For me, the holidays are about giving back first and foremost. That's why I chose this Elephant Charm Necklace from the Save the Elephants Collection. We created this collection in partnership with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who helps orphaned and malnourished elephants in Africa. We actually sponsor two elephants now, Malkia and Jotto, and we're excited to add another two in 2019. 30% of the proceeds from this collection go directly to DSWT."

10. Saddle Ring - Gold "Every Anna Beck fan, whether new or old, needs a saddle ring in their life. This is a quintessential Anna Beck piece. It's handmade in Bali, and takes up to three days to make! The Saddle Ring is a very special piece"

11. Uma x Anna Beck Body Oil and Necklace Gift Set “I am a huge fan of Uma Oils, ever since my friend introduced them to me. The handmade oil has many Ayurvedic benefits and I love how they support ancient traditions. The Teardrop Pendant necklace that is included in the set is a best-seller and can easily be worn every day.”


Each girl in the Anna Beck office is unique and has her own style. That’s why we thought it was a good idea to create a gift guide sharing their favorite holiday gifts as well!

1. Circle of Life Divided Disc Charity Necklace - Gold "I am excited to gift the Circle of Life Divided Disc Necklace to my grandmother, who has always been like a mother to me. She is so loving and selfless and will love the fact that 30% of the proceeds from this collection will go to the Bumi Sehat Foundation, which helps mothers and babies in need in Indonesia." -Brie, Office Manager

2. Blue Sapphire Cushion Double Drop Fringe Earrings - Silver "These earrings from the Sama collection are currently my favorite. The silver fringe paired with the beautiful sapphire stone is so beautiful. My sister is a collector of all-things beautiful and these earrings possess that certain specialness. She's going to love them." -Melissa, Sales

3. Hematite Linear Bar Necklace - Gold “One of my girlfriends is pretty artsy and super cool. Her style always has an element of surprise and I think the Hematite Linear Bar Necklace would fit nicely into her wardrobe. The vertical stone is unexpected and modern. Plus it’s reversible!” -Beth, Operations

4. Studded Stacking Cuff in Gold and Silver "My sister just started layering both silver and gold after years of wearing only gold. I am excited to give her these stacking cuffs in both silver and gold so she has new pieces to add to her collection." -Kathryn, Sales

5. Hematite Beaded Bracelet - Silver "The hematite stone has healing properties including reducing pain and increasing blood flow. I am looking forward to giving the Hematite Beaded Bracelet to my mother-in-law, to aid in helping her arthritis. The bracelet is beautiful but also simple enough to wear every day." -Rachel, Sales & Marketing

6. Blue Sapphire Bar Stud Earrings - Gold “I love these earrings for myself! But in light of the Holidays, I will be gifting them to my sister. I’m secretly hoping she’ll let me borrow them!” - Camilla, Sales

7. Blue Sapphire Geo Multi-Stone Stacking Ring & Dotted Stacking Ring (stacked) "One of my girlfriends just started stacking her rings (after coming to the stacking party last month!) but she needs a few more to add to her collection. The Blue Sapphire Geo Multi-stone Stacking Ring adds a nice pop of color to any stack and the Dotted Stacking Ring is essential to any ring collection." Olivia, Customer Care

8. Signature Teardrop Triple Drop Earrings - Silver "I keep overhearing my co-worker gush over the Signature Teardrop Triple Drop Earring every time she sees it so I am going to surprise her by gifting them to her!" -Kate, Art Direction 

9. Disc Necklace - Two Toned Gold and Silver "I'm not sure if my brother's new girlfriend wears gold or silver so the two-toned Disc Necklace is fail-proof!" -Kim, Design

10. Cross Ring - Gold "Every time I wear my Cross Ring, my best friend is always mentioning how much she loves it. It's edgy and modern, just like her style. She's going to flip when I give it to her! -Fran, Production

11. Garnet Geo Stacking Necklace - Gold "My mom's birthday is in January and this Garnet Geo Stacking Necklace is perfect because it is her birthstone! Her style is minimal and she loves gold so this is a no-brainer. Plus it's reversible so she can turn it around when she prefers just gold." -Joanna, Marketing


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