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Stronger Together

As you know, California wildfires are tearing across our beloved state.  As of 11/12/18, Monday morning, the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village has spread to 85,500 acres and is only 15% contained, according to Hundreds of thousands of southern California residents have been evacuated, and at least 300,000 people have been displaced state-wide. In addition, anything that impacts humans, impacts their animals. About 700 animals are in the care of LA County Animal Care and Control, while another 10,000 more pets have been displaced. 

Firefighters are working around the clock aggressively fighting the fires, hoping to make up some ground before Tuesday’s predicted high gusts of wind. 

But with tragedy, comes courage, strength and resilience. Communities are banding together to support those affected by donating, volunteering, and opening up their homes to those in need. It is in these crucial, devastating times that the human spirit prevails and we lift each other up. Our hearts tug on us to give, to help, and to let those whom need strength lean on us.

One of the Anna Beck girls lost her childhood home — the place where her parents had lived for almost 35 years — to the Sonoma/Napa fires last year. They only escaped with the clothes on their backs and her family was displaced for weeks. They lived off of donations and assistance from the community for months. After the shock of losing everything, the last thing on their minds was how to get shoes, blankets, pet food, clothes, hygienic products, dishes… literally anything and everything. To see the community come together to care for her family was overwhelming and so humbling. They gave her family hope when their lives had been shattered. 

So if you are looking for a place to give your time, money, or donations, please visit the links below. We have vetted these organizations and they are urgently in need of assistance. Together, by love and selflessness, we will prevail and come out on the other side as stronger humans, and as a stronger community.

For accurate updates, visit:

To give to the LA Fire Department, which urgently needs cash donations for hydration packs, food, and supplies, visit:

To give to the LA County Animal Care and Control Foundation, visit:

The American Red Cross is providing shelter and food for the victims of the wildfire. To donate, visit or text REDCROSS to 90999.

The LA chapter of United Way of Los Angeles is teaming up with United Way of Ventura to accept donations through its disaster relief fund. Please visit:


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