How To Style Bold Jewelry

Is less more, or is more more? Here we walk you through how to style our boldest line of jewelry: Rasa.


1. Start with our Large Hypersthene Pendant Necklace
2. Add our Small Pearl Pendant Necklace
3. Finish your necklace stack with a bit of visual height and texture: our Elongated Chain Collar Necklace


1. Start with our Wavy Multi-Stone Drop Earrings. You could end here, or, if you have a second piercing, for a bit of texture...
1. On one hand, start with plain metal and play with scale: stack our Smooth Dome Rings in Small and Large
2. On the other hand, play with stones. Our Large Multi-Stone Dome Ring plays nice with our Medium Oval Hypersthene Signet ring, tying the black stones together.
Perfection! This look is perfect for a simple, dressy top and jeans.


Your favorite artisan-made pieces:


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