Your Guide to Hoop Sizes

Whether they’re subtle or a statement, our hoops are an Anna Beck mainstay we can’t get enough of. Curious about our different sizes? Let’s explore hoop sizes!


Our mini and small hoops are minimal touches to any look - gold, silver, or rose gold hoop earrings style casual or dressy. Our mini rose gold twist hoops are barely there, and we love our hammered hoops, dotted, or go bold with our wavy technique. Try pavé turquoise for a pop of color.


Our medium size hoop earrings are that perfect size in-between minimal and statement. Our scalloped hoop earrings are feminine play on our classic dotted technique, the linear hoop earrings give a nod to vintage with a modern twist, and our mixed metal cross over hoop earrings don't make you choose between gold or silver.

Make a statement with our large hoop earrings! Take it light and easy with our hammered hoop earrings - every divot hand hammered by our artisans - or wear our wavy stone hoop earrings loud and proud. Our shapely dome hoop earrings are a best seller, but maybe a pop of turquoise is more your style?


Your favorite artisan-made pieces:



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